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Stuck with your contract but need more of your favorites? Well, you're in for a treat.

Back by popular demand: Data Only Plan. Sign up today and get a special serving of 6 secret gift vouchers you can choose from.

Sneak Peek: These vouchers will spice up your weekend!

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for $25 $20/mo

50GB of 4G Speeds
No contract
Free SIM card delivery
Add more data anytime in the app
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for $45 $40/mo

130GB of 4G Speeds
Roll over unused data to next month
No contract
Free SIM card delivery
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Weekend Secret Menu

Request for your secret menu in 2 simple steps

1. Sign up for either 50GB or 130GB Data Only Plan.
2. We'll send a form for you to choose your gift voucher by Tuesday, 23 Sept 2020.

You'll receive an online voucher in your email once your SIM card has arrived.

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Price comparison with competitors
Price comparison with competitors

The data buffet you need

Spoil yourself this weekend by binge-watching you favorite shows without bursting your data cap. Use your Data Only Plan on:

Data-only Phone Line

Secondary Device
(Tablets, iPads)

Portable WiFi


What services are available on a data-only plan?

You’ll get access to either 50GB or 130GB on our blazing fast 4G network. Because it’s a data only plan, you won’t need to port in and will not have access to calls or SMS.

Is this open to both new and existing customers?

The Data-Only SIM is only available to new customers but don’t worry we didn’t forget about our loyal users. You can get our data-sharing Multi-SIMs from the Circles.Life app by clicking here.

I am an existing customer, can I link my data-only plan to my current plan?

Our data-only plan is a standalone plan; if you wish to link your multiple lines, you can purchase our Multi-SIM from the Circles.Life app to share data across 2 lines!